Thursday, January 7, 2010

Third time's the charm - and DS's cast comes off today!

Yay! Not a day too soon either as it smells badly like foot odour. It stinks big time!! Now if only he'd wake up so we can get going!! Here' a pic I took of it yesterday, looking a little mangy:

Here's the next cupcake, this makes a total of 8 out of 23. I also picked up some more cupcake holders yesterday, there were purple ones in the set!

Here's the details:
  • Name of the design - Blackwork coaster
  • Chart - is a freebie from this website.
  • Fabric is a unique piece of 28ct opalescent fabric
  • Thread is DMC fluorescent effects E1040
  • Stitch count is 38 x 38
  • Completed in January 2010 for my cupcake stand. I added a glitter jewel to the centre for effect.

1 comment:

Annie Bee said...

Lovely cupcake. Hope all went well with the cast coming off. I bet he will be happy too.