Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A different stitching project

Yep, you read right! No more cross stitched cupcakes for the time being. I need to buy some matching fabric for the last few different coloured holders, so I've moved on to something different. Just to be sure it will be finished in time, I've started a Christmas kit! Yes, I am aware it's still January, LOL. This is a design I saw finished on a message board post at 123stitch and thought it was cute. Did some asking around and found the name of it, and another board member even posted links to some for sale on various auction sites. There were 2 for about $25-$30 US and one for $5. Guess which one I chose? LOL. I think I had it in my hot little hands for a grand total of $11US.

The other night I started to sort the threads and remembered one of the many reasons I hate kits!! It took me forever to work out what they meant by their list of colours, turns out some appear to be blended threads. Of course it didn't help the sorting when I discovered I had an extra 2 skiens, and that I find it hard deciding which one is super mega ultra very light brown and which is just plain mega ultra very light brown. GRRR. Anyway, I've sorted them out and made a start, time will tell whether I sorted them correctly!
Here's what it will look like:

And here's the small start I've made:

The name of the kit is "Claus and Company banner" by JCA Needle Arts. It was produced in the '80s I believe but there are still kits out there.

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Annie Bee said...

Great start on your Santa. You Blog look great too. Happy stitching