Saturday, January 2, 2010

^%#($ Frog!

I've spent the best part of the evening frogging my current project. I am trying to do a pink cupcake. I have the holder, some matching fabric and that's about it. I started a blackwork design in one strand of a silky thread I picked up at the LNS but it wasn't looking good, the thread was too thick for the fabric. Frogged that then I started said design with 2 strands of a slightly variegated pink thread from Six Strand Sweets. Just didn't look "right". Frogged again and tried the same design with one strand, still not what I had in mind. Then I tried a gorgeous silk but it blended too much into the fabric. So now I've frogged that and have jumped online and found an assisi design that I kind of like. Well I like the outside shape and some fancy backstitching around it, but I didn't take to the animal that was in the middle. I searched some more found a simple butterfly shape to make the centre piece.

Off to start AGAIN! Wish me luck!!

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