Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 days of stitching on my WIP

Here's my latest project, after 2 days of stitching:
I'm using a pink thread from Carrie's Creations and a burgandy DMC thread. What do you think so far?

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stash in the mail :-)

The other day I got some cross stitch stash in the mail, from Barb who won a flood appeal auction from me. She saw that I had the "Lacey Pinks" chart on my wish list, and had it in her stash so very kindly offered it to me. Not only did she include the chart, she sent some pretty pink fabric and Carrie's Creations thread to stitch the design with. I was over the moon! I was nearing completion on my current project and contemplating what to stitch next. Nothing was calling my name until I opened the package, and there was my inspiration for my next project! Here's the goodies she sent me:
If you're reading this Barb, thanks again! You are the best :-)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Easter/Spring exchange piece

I can't post pics or details of my latest project because it's a gift for an exchange I joined over on the message board at 123 stitch. The idea is to stitch a little something with either a Spring or Easter theme, and mail it off to your partner with a little gift or two. My partner is Eileen in England and we are to mail our pieces on the 1st of April. I am finishing up the stitching part now and will have to work out what to turn it into soon. I can tell you it's stitched on a one-off piece of hand dyed fabric and I'm using 9 different coloured threads. I just have a bit of backstitching to do and that's about it. I'll post pics once I hear that Eileen has received it.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final cupcake finish!!

I've finished, and only a little later than planned. I had 3 stitching goals for 2010, one of which was to complete all 23 cupcake designs. I failed in all 3 of those goals, so this year my goal is to have no goals! Anyway, here's a pic of #23:
  • Name of the design is an extract from "Quaker cushion".
  • Chart is designed by Kell Smurthwaite from Kincavel Krosses
  • Fabric is 25 count "Dark Chocolate" lugana evenweave from 123 stitch.
  • Thread is DMC cotton, #840.
  • Stitch count is 28 x 28.  
  • Started on March 2nd.
  • Completed on March 8th, with quite a few non-stitching days in there.  It will be the FINAL cupcake for my stand!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

O.M.G :-)

What a weekend! It started with a restless night Friday. I pretty much woke up every hour, on the hour and was awake for the day at about 4am :-(. I never sleep well when the alarm is set for an early time, I think subconciously I expect to over sleep. 

Anyway, after my early start DS and I headed off in the dark for the Victorian Karate Championships. He was entered into kata, kumite and team kumite. Despite the draw not being in his favour, he did really well to take gold in kata! He is now a 2-time state champion :-). Kumite he earnt a bronze medal, despite losing his round, and then in team kata he also lost but overall his team beat the other team to take home another gold. Not bad for a day's work!

Then after our busy Saturday we headed to the Avalon Airshow on Sunday. It was hot, dusty, and busy but a good day was had by all. Until time to leave the carpark. A single exit lane and a gazillion cars trying to merge and exit. Not fun! 

Then today I started a new job. It's tiring and only proved to me that I really, truly am unfit! Other than that it was good and the ladies seem nice. Oh, and it's only just up the road from home, and during school hours!

Now I just need to sleep for a day or twelve. zzzzzzzzz
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second last cupcake!

The end is nigh! I'm now working on the final one, yay. Here's the one I just finished:
  • Name of the design  - It's an extract from "Sampler 09"
  • Chart is a freebie from this blog, I believe. 
  • Fabric is 25 count "Dark Chocolate" lugana evenweave from 123 stitch.
  • Thread is DMC cotton, #840.
  • Stitch count is 25 x 25. 
  • Started on February 25th.
  • Completed on March 1st.  It will be another cupcake for my stand.
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