Monday, July 5, 2010

Another weekend, another karate tournament

It seems like there's a tournament almost every weekend lately! This was the last one before the Nationals so good experience. In the kyu grades event DS didn't do so well, making a mistake in his kata (but correcting himself beautifully) and lost out first round. Mistakes and wobbles are unforgivable, unless of course your opponent makes a bigger error than you! He didn't let that bother him though, winning through 2 rounds to get to the final (where he came 2nd) in the open event. Both events had about 10 kids in them.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A cross stitch blog - with Coat of Arms designs

I came across this blog because a member of a message board posted about it, and being nosy I had to investigate. Steph, the blogger in question, is a cross stitch designer and appears to like all things celtic, among other things. She also designs coat of arms, and she is going to do one for me in my maiden name. My father is incredibly hard to buy for, so I'm going to (at some point) stitch this for a gift for him to hang in my parents home.
Take a look at her blog, and click the link to her designs at Celtic Obsessions too!
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