Monday, April 27, 2009

Cross stitched items for sale!

Pics are thumbnails, click on them to enlarge in a new window.

Prices are in Australian dollars and do not include postage and packaging, which will be actual costs. From aussie buyers, I accept money orders, bank cheques, direct deposit, paypal (no credit cards) or a gift voucher to my choice of online store. From international buyers, I accept paypal (no credit cards) or a gift voucher to my choice of online store. If you have any questions, want better pics, or want to purchase something, please email me at jakt70 at gmail dot com (you know what to do!)

  • Bambi framed piece - $10
  • Celtic knot framed piece - $10
  • Piglet framed piece - $10
  • Monochrome green framed piece - $10
  • Snow White framed piece - $10
  • Monochrome heart framed piece - $10
  • Pooh framed piece - $10

  • Red & green Christmas stocking ornament - $4
  • Variegated blue footprint ornament - $4
  • Blue floral ornament - $4
  • Variegated pink footprint ornament - $4
  • Variegated blue handprint ornament - $4
  • Variegated green ornament - $4
  • Green/cream & gold ornament - $4
  • Variegated red/orange/yellow ornament - $4
  • Pink & silver sequined ornament - $4
  • Red & gold diamond ornament - $4
  • Red & green "blackwork" ornament - $4
  • Red & gold floral ornament - $4

  • Yellow framed fish - $6
  • Pink hand towel with burgandy "blackwork" design - $15
  • Blackwork bookmark - $5
  • Cherry pie pot holder - $6 SOLD
  • White floral hand towel - $15
  • White and pink "blackwork" cushion - $15
  • Ladybug bookmark - $4 (has a couple of very faint marks on it)
  • Variegated purple bookmark - $5
  • Blue framed helicopter - $6

  • Variegated blue "Feed me!" bib - $10
  • Aqua t-shirt size 0, featuring a dog holding 2 balloons - $10
  • Green gingham cat bib - $10
  • Royal blue t-shirt size 1, featuring a pale blue elephant - $10
  • Apple green t-shirt size 1, featuring a "cheeky monkey" design - $10

  • "Big boy boxers" framed piece - $10
  • Breast cancer ribbon framed piece - $10
  • "Nobody is perfect" framed piece - $10
  • "Big girl panties" framed piece - $10
  • "Viola" framed piece - $10

  • "Eeyore" blank papercraft greeting card - $3
  • Tulip blank greeting card - $3
  • Cottage blank greeting card - $3
  • Turtle blank greeting card - $3
  • Floral blank greeting card - $3
  • Clematis blank greeting card - $3
  • Cow blank greeting card - $3

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Until recently I have been the type of stitcher who starts a project, works on said project, and finishes the project. I can't imagine working in rotation, or having a WIP list as long as my arm. (But never say never!) I've got 2 designs on the go at the moment because I started a small project for carting around with me. It's much easier to work on something simple and small in the car, or at karate, or wherever I might be.

Yellow Awareness Ribbon - I started this one last night, using a scrap of white evenweave and some discontinued variegated yellow thread. This is to be donated to the bushfire survivors closer to Christmas time, as a yellow ribbon has come to symbolise the tragic bushfires earlier this year.

Bunny Baby
from Ellen Maurer-Stroh. It's a quilt square and the completed quilt is to be donated to a wildlife rescue organisation to raffle or sell for much needed funds. I started this a few weeks ago I think. It's truly not an evil bunny, it just looks that way without eyes, LOL.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pie anyone?

Feeling hungry? This pie looks good enough to eat! This is also looking for a new home, another craft stall reject :-( . This came from the Incredible Edibles leaflet, very life-like. I think the cake design might be calling my name in the future, or is that the biscuits? Or perhaps even the freshly baked bread, toffee apple, or burger and fries? YUM
  • Name of the design - it doesn't have a name but I've called it "Cherry Pie". I left out the blue checked border and the plate.
  • Leaflet is titled "Incredible edibles" by Stitchworld XS
  • Fabric is a pre-finished white pot holder
  • Thread is DMC stranded cotton
  • Stitch count is 61 x 45
  • Completed in July 2008.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stitches and Craft Show

I went to the Stitches & Craft show in March when it came to Melbourne. It's being run by a new company and at a new venue, which is closer to home for me! I usually drop the kids at school, spend the day there and pick them up on the way back. This year they promised more vendors, but to me it seemed smaller. It was at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, and set out so there was heaps of room to move. There just didn't seem like a lot of people there, so I even had time to go home before picking the kids up from school. I did manage to buy a few bits and pieces (of course!). My favourite place to buy from is - they have fabric at reasonable prices, and I took them up on their offer of 4 pieces for $45, usally $14 per piece. I can't recall the sizes, but they're probably about 14" squares. Here's a pic of what I got:

The pic isn't great, so here's a list:
  • 4 pieces of evenweave fabric, 28 count. I chose a soft mint green, white, a mottled opalescent salmon and a pretty pink.
  • A printed calico Christmas design, for embroidery. I've already finished this, it worked up quickly in an afternoon. I've never done hand embroidery before so kind of made it up as I went along. I used mainly backstitch to complete it.
  • A gold music note brooch.
  • A silver "K" charm.
  • A silver sewing themed brooch with charms.
  • 2 pretty "flowers" made from sparkly beads. I chose black and a pink that matches the fabric perfectly!
  • A personalised bag tag for my son.
  • A strand of pink plastic flowers, that matches the pink fabric. (I'll have to work all these pink things into one project!)
  • 2 skeins of hand dyed cotton floss, in a burgandy and a pink (yep, you guessed it, it matches the fabric!! LOL)
  • 6 assorted matt boards. I think I'll use a few of these as gifts.