Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celtic Knot

This is another design I stitched for the craft stall. I mounted it in a cheap frame from the Reject Shop, which came complete with matt board. I managed to find 2 variegated threads to match in with the board nicely.

  • Name of the design is "Celtic Boxes"
  • Design is from "Cross Stitch Crazy" issue 106.
  • Fabric is an off cut of white evenweave, 28 count.
  • Thread is 2 variegated blue/green colours from DMC
  • Stitch count is 39 x 39
  • Completed in August 2008.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Black Saturday

By now everyone has heard the horror stories of the Victorian bushfires that swept through entire towns, wiping them out in minutes. It's so hard to comprehend what the poor victims and survivors went through, but I feel for them all. The Kinglake area is/was so beautiful, I have visited the Kinglake National Park numerous times, and used to play tennis in Kinglake West when I was younger. I have been so pleased to hear of the way Victorians, Australians and even International friends have supported the bushfire appeal and given of their time, money, goods and services. Makes me proud to be an Aussie! And they say the economy is shot, with a recession on the way, yet we've all managed to dig deep and donate close to $100 million dollars!!

Due to this tragedy, my stitching plans have changed somewhat. After the birth record I'm working on is completed, I'll move onto the ANZAC day piece for the exchange. Then I've commited to stitching a square for a quilt that will be donated to either the CFA (Country Fire Authority - A volunteer firefighting organisation for those of us in country/rural Victoria  - who are always looking for funds) or one of several wildlife rescue organisations, who also run on mostly donations. They will be able to raffle or auction off the quilt for much needed cash. I've signed up to do an EMS baby, they are SO CUTE!! More stitchers are needed for the 4 themed quilts being made, and the due date is the end of June '09. If interested in helping, please email Terry Louise at terrylouisetas at yahoo dot com (please put Fundraising Quilts in the subject line).

I've also commited to stitching some bits and pieces for Nise who is collecting stitched items to be distributed to the survivors once they have a new home. The original idea was to stitch Christmas ornaments, but has grown to include basically anything! I'm going to stitch a few yellow awareness ribbons which have come to symbolise the tragedy and maybe a welcome sign or two for the entrance way of their new homes. Not sure what else, only time will tell. If interested in helping out in this project, you can email Nise at dmazzan at gmail dot com

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I survived the heatwave! The weather is still in the 30's, but it feels like winter compared to what we've been having. It's now February and that means the kids are back at school, for a brand new year. DS #1 is in grade 6, DS #2 grade 2. Scary to think I'll have a kid in secondary school next year. Surely I'm not that old?
Yesterday I managed to get a piece of tissue in my eye and it was sooo sore and annoying. I have been getting hayfever/allergies quite a bit this summer, and let me tell you, adding tissue to the sinus mix does not help! It was very interesting at one point, my eye was watering like a tap, one nostril was blocked, and the other running like a tap too. Thankfully today is much better, although I did have to pry my eye open upon waking this morning. Nice!