Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I survived the heatwave! The weather is still in the 30's, but it feels like winter compared to what we've been having. It's now February and that means the kids are back at school, for a brand new year. DS #1 is in grade 6, DS #2 grade 2. Scary to think I'll have a kid in secondary school next year. Surely I'm not that old?
Yesterday I managed to get a piece of tissue in my eye and it was sooo sore and annoying. I have been getting hayfever/allergies quite a bit this summer, and let me tell you, adding tissue to the sinus mix does not help! It was very interesting at one point, my eye was watering like a tap, one nostril was blocked, and the other running like a tap too. Thankfully today is much better, although I did have to pry my eye open upon waking this morning. Nice!

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