Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Meaningful Cross Stitch Finish

Earlier this year, through Angie of Linen Flower designs, I heard about a little boy named Eli. He was fighting the horrible disease that is neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. Angie designed a lovely cross stitch chart as a fundraising effort for his family.  I purchased one and although the design was lovely, I didn't know if I would ever stitch it as I wasn't sure what to do with it once completed. I started thinking (a dangerous thing, I know) and approached Angie with the idea of stitching it as a memorial piece for Eli's parents, as sadly he passed away shortly after the fundraising effort.

Angie & I emailed back and forth with ideas, and she adapted the design to suit a little more and I got started. Purple was Eli's favourite colour so I stitched it in a few different shades and sent it off to Angie. It is currently in her creative hands, awaiting her finishing skills - of which I have less than zero! It's not a good quality photo, but here's my efforts:

You can't really tell, but it's stitched over 2 on white 25 count evenweave, with DMC 333 for the border and darker wording, DMC 208 for the lighter wording & 1 strand of DMC 554 for the hearts.

The wording reads:
"You fill heaven with sunshine as you did our home. You have shown bravely what courage means in the face of trials. You brought joy and meaning to us as we cared for you. We will hold you in our hearts and minds until we see you again. Elijah Horn 2004-2012. We love you."

FYI - This was the original fundraising design:

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Bargain Imaginating Charts

Colours Down Under are having an impressive April sale. All 6 pages of Imaginating charts are a whole $1 each. I bought 10, and would have bought more if several of them weren't out of stock. Shipping was reasonable too at $6.35. I bought the following:

CODEProductAmountUnit priceSubtotal
IMA-1904Imaginating - Snowmen Gathering1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-1990Imaginating - Cardinal Blessings1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-1991Imaginating - Fun-Loving Fellows1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-2560Imaginating - Stacking Snowmen1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-2559Imaginating - Snow Babies1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-2570Imaginating - Jolly Snowmen1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-2616Imaginating - Another Day In Paradise1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-2655Imaginating - Music is Love1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-2699Imaginating - Keep Friends Close At Christmas1$1.00$1.00 
IMA-2704Imaginating - Holiday Tweet Hearts1$1.00$1.00 
Not sure if/when I'll get around to stitching them, but who can pass them up at only $1? That is such a bargain for us Aussies.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time For A Stitchy Post

It seems ages since I've posted anything cross stitch related, so here's a WIP pic of my current project. This is what I've done since Feb 18th.
And this is what it will eventually look like. I am thinking of getting a plain wooden frame and have it jut right up to the stitching. Then I can see about painting the frame so it looks like the sky, sand, sea and table are extending out past the picture. I can even glue some small shells on the sand too. It looks great in my head!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Sick & Disappointing Weekend

Well, this time of year I should be reporting on how the Victorian State Karate Championships went, but unfortunately for DS, they didn't go at all. It is a compulsory event for state team selection, so he really wanted to go as he was concerned about not making the team if he didn't attend. He has also won the kata division every year he has been eligible to enter (2 years), so was keen to try for 3 titles in a row.

Sadly, he has been sick for about 10 days with what seemed like a cold. He had a nasty cough which we got antibiotics for, but then on the eve of the tournament he vomited. He really wants to make the team, so we decided to go and see how he felt when it was time for his event. However, a few officials didn't want us there and so we left after filling out a medical exemption form, taking a trip via the doctor on the way home to get a medical certificate.

He is still concerned about his chances. The selectors take 6 for the state team in each event. 1st & 2nd place automatically make the team (he was hoping to be one of these) and I heard a rumour that the 2 3rd place getters earn a spot too. That leaves 2 places. In each of his 2 events there are potentially 13 & 16 kids trying out, many of them new and several a year older as he is the bottom age. I'm not sure what happens now - if these same rules apply or not. Time will tell I guess.

Oh, and now his brother is sick too! So far, so good - hubby & I have managed to avoid it so far. Fingers crossed!
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