Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A new finish and a new blogoversary winner

First off, I have heard nothing from the original December winner so I've chosen a new one - Barb aka Crazybeads. I will be in touch shortly, or you can email me Barb.

Next up, I have another finish. I started this back in September for the "Christmas Joy" exchange I joined. It soon became apparent that I would run out of thread to finish it, so I ordered more from the USA in late October. It was shipped on November 7th but it took it's sweet time arriving so I gave it up and fished out an old finish to turn into an ornament so I could mail it in time. The thread FINALLY arrived on January 7th - 2 months after it was mailed. I had originally planned to stitch the word "joy" in the tree with silver thread to suit the theme, but it seems pointless now.

  • Name of the design is Boule De Noel
  • Chart is a freebie from this blog
  • Fabric is a variegated green evenweave with yellow tinges
  • Thread is silver metallic thread that came free with a magazine plus "Aquamarine" silk thread from Carrie's Creations
  • Stitch count is 102 x 112
  • Started in September 2013
  • Completed in January 2014

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Christmas again..... and again.... and again.... and again....

Yep, Christmas 4 times over! When hubby asked me what I'd like for Christmas, I sent him some links to a few of my favourite online stores and he chose to buy vouchers to all 4 places! So, not only did I get surprise vouchers for Christmas, I got to shop 4 times, and look forward to 4 packages in the mail. First to arrive was this lot of monaco from Fabtastic Fabrics:

Indian Paintbrush, Wicked Brew, Berry Frost & Hollyleaf Cherry

Next came my order from 123 Stitch:

Mantel Mischief by Imaginating, Gingerbread Street by Sue Hillis & Bear Christmas Ornament by Dimensions

Then I got my order from Steph's Fabbys:

Butterfly by AAN & Lady of the Lake thread

Then finally my order from Colour Cascade Fabrics, again both monaco fabric:

Pink & Purple ice dye & My Island Home

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