Thursday, April 23, 2009


Until recently I have been the type of stitcher who starts a project, works on said project, and finishes the project. I can't imagine working in rotation, or having a WIP list as long as my arm. (But never say never!) I've got 2 designs on the go at the moment because I started a small project for carting around with me. It's much easier to work on something simple and small in the car, or at karate, or wherever I might be.

Yellow Awareness Ribbon - I started this one last night, using a scrap of white evenweave and some discontinued variegated yellow thread. This is to be donated to the bushfire survivors closer to Christmas time, as a yellow ribbon has come to symbolise the tragic bushfires earlier this year.

Bunny Baby
from Ellen Maurer-Stroh. It's a quilt square and the completed quilt is to be donated to a wildlife rescue organisation to raffle or sell for much needed funds. I started this a few weeks ago I think. It's truly not an evil bunny, it just looks that way without eyes, LOL.

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