Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you want the good news - or the bad news?

We went to the hospital as planned today, thankfully it was a quiet day in the outpatient fracture clinic as we went here, there and everywhere! Here's what we did:
  • Checked into the outpatients clinic, then got directed to another department to get the cast cut off
  • Waited our turn to get the cast cut off (we were barely in the door before the technician grabbed his arm and started sawing away. The look on DS's face was priceless!)
  • Went back to outpatients and waited our turn to see the doctor
  • Saw the doctor who decided we should get an x-ray
  • Waited our turn in the x-ray department
  • Waited our turn to see the doctor again. DS was still in pain and couldn't move his wrist properly so the doctor decided to get a splint put on for a week or so, whatever DS feels he needs. It's probably just stiff and sore because the joint hasn't been able to move for the last 5 weeks
  • Went back to get the splint put on
  • Went back to see a physio as the doctor felt he needed some exercises to strengthen his wrist.
All in all, he's lucky it's healing nicely (he hasn't been taking the best care of it) and doesn't need another cast. The bad news is it's still not 100% and he's bandaged up for another week or 2. We have another appointment in a month and hopefully by the time he'll have full use of it without pain. Fingers crossed! At least this time he's allowed to take it off for showers and to do exercises.

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Annie Bee said...

Don't you just hate the waiting around at hospital they are the pits. I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when they started sawing. DS when small had casts on his legs to lengthen his tendons and he screamed every time they put the plaster on and took it off and they didn't even use a saw to take it off.