Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy birthday to my baby boy, he turned 8 today. He awoke all excited about what the day might bring. He enjoyed all his presents, even though I struggled with what to get him and in the end rushed out to get a few small bits and pieces just to pad things out. He ended up liking all the items I got him, even the fillers! My family came over for a smorgasboard lunch and gave him more gifts, he loved them all too! He requested a shop bought caramel mudcake (I'm not THAT bad a cook!) which I decorated like a cricket pitch, which he wanted. I also took the opportunity to make a yummy looking cookies and cream cake I'd been eyeing off since I saw the recipe in a supermarket catalogue. We were planning on eating out at a smorgasboard restaurant tonight, just the 4 of us, but we are all still full so have postponed that until lunch tomorrow. I will make him his favourite meal tonight instead, fettucini carbonara. Then we'll watch a movie of his choice or play a game or something.


Annie Bee said...

Happy Birthday to your boy. It is my DD's fiance birthday today too. Lots of great birthdays in Jan.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to him, the joy of being 8 :)