Thursday, December 30, 2010

We made it to Christmas unscathed!

Yay!! There was no need for bubble wrap either :-). DS #2 is prone to medical dramas in December (right near Christmas) as you may know from previous posts. However, we may just have broken the curse this year! I did worry when he woke, exactly a week out from Christmas, with a sore throat and feeling unwell. I thought, great, just enough time to for it to manifest into bronchitis, or pneumonia, or scarlet fever, or ebola or .......

Anyway, we made it through!! Although yesterday he did manage to jam his pinky finger in the car door. Yes, he somehow found a way to do it to himself, I think that's got to be a first!

On the stitching front, I decided to make the "Buon natale" design into a small framed piece, as I had a plain white frame here that was *just* the right size. Here's the final product:
I'm also sporadically working on my WIP, I should have it done this year if I get a reasonable amount of time to stitch. Maybe on the 31st? Nothing like leaving it to the last minute to squeeze out another finish.

It's also my Dad's 80th birthday today, and I made a giant orange cupcake, filled with orange custard, and decorated with orange icing. Did I mention orange cake is his favourite? Here it is:

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