Saturday, December 18, 2010

Look what I did today!

A few weeks ago I bought a create-your-own-Christmas-cards kit. I thought, "Why not make some home made cards this year?" Brilliant idea! However, I'm really, really good at getting fantastic ideas like this, but they more often than not never make it to fruition. Much like the make-it-yourself earring kits, or the beaded Christmas stars kit, or the ready-to-decorate cane wreathes, or the photo insert Christmas cards, or the mini family scrapbook, or the....... Anyway, you get my drift! These brilliant ideas usually sit amongst my craft crap stash for ages, until once in a blue moon when I get the urge to purge, and they get given away (or sold if I can find a sucker fellow crafter to pay to take them off my hands!) in a "what WAS I thinking?" moment. Anyway, I's what I actually, really, truly made this afternoon. Honest! The proof is in the picture ;-)
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BronnyB said...

Great job - especially when you consider how much each to buy cards just like that in the shops.
Which one is your favourite?

Kim said...

Thanks Bronny :-)
I think I like the plainish red one on the left best. I ran out of creative ideas before I ran out of cards. Can you guess which one was my 8 YO son's design? Probably not the one that comes to mind!

Stitching Noni said...

Well done Kim :-) They look great!

(I know where you're coming from in regards to the things we buy that were a good idea at the time... I have one or two of them myself!!)