Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Purple Ornament

During my grocery shopping expedition the other day, I saw hot cross buns for sale. It's barely January and they're pushing Easter stuff. I must admit to shaking my head and groaning, yet I bought some! OK, so the kids wanted them, what's a girl to do? OK, OK, so I wanted them too. They're yummy, but we'll be SO OVER THEM by Easter!

Anyway, back to more stitching stuff. Here's a piece I did for the recent craft stall I had. I'm actually quite thankful it didn't sell, because I took a shine to it. I think this was the first ornament I put together, I don't sew and am generally not great at the finishing aspect of cross stitch. I have to admit to being pretty pleased with how this worked out. Design details are:

I mounted it on cardboard and backed it with sticky felt. To cover the joins around the edges, and to make the loop, I used a matching purple braid.

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