Monday, January 5, 2009

Manic Monday

It's sure to be somewhat manic, I have to go grocery shopping, with kids in tow. That always makes for an interesting trip. First off, they need to clean their room. In theory, that should take maybe 10 minutes, but they've managed to take 1 1/2 hours so far. All they've done is clear the dirty clothes. It's going to be a lllooonnnggg day!
Anyway, back to my stitching. I took a pic yesterday of what I've done so far. It's not a great picture, but you get the idea:

Ok, now I need some input. If you look at the pic of the completed design, the bear on the right is holding what looks to me like a tin can in each hand, and backstitched on each is "kg", as in kilograms.  This seems a little odd to me, and I want to change it, but to what? The stitch count of each can is about 8 stitches down by 10 across. Not really big enough to stitch the weight in kilograms or pounds. What do you think I should stitch on them? I don't really want to leave them blank.  
UPDATE: Ok, someone with a brain and better eyesight than me (Thanks Mandy :-), has informed me these are weights. DOH!! Of course they are, hence the "kg" on them. However, I still want to make a change to them, any ideas?

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