Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Ornament

This one I stitched for my kids karate teachers who own and run the club. I do a lot of stitching during karate class, but this one I had to stitch at home. I had heaps of trouble finding the Santa hat button, and I was searching for it in November and December. Even Spotlight had a dismal array, and this was the only hat I could find. Thankfully it was roughly the right size. The club colours are red, white and black.

  • Name of the design is actually "Taekwondo"
  • Designer is ? taken from a spread titled "Olympic Sports -The Design Library" from a UK magazine. I don't know the edition or title.
  • Fabric is an off-cut of red aida.
  • Thread is standard DMC cotton.
  • Stitch count is 28 x 40
  • Completed in December 2008
Once again, edged in braid, black this time. (It's so easy! It lends itself to covering the join, where front meets back)

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