Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday baking

Today was a quiet one at home with not much in the way of housework so I decided to bake something - if you can call a packet mix baking. This one was a "gourmet" packet mix - at gourmet prices! It was Donna Hay's caramel fudge chocolate brownies, and they were yummy! I opened the packet to find the brownie mix and a slab of caramel fudge. I must admit part of me seriously considered just chowing down on the fudge and calling it a day but I fought the urge and made the brownies instead. They were super easy too, just melt some butter, add to the mix with 2 eggs and stir. Chop up the slab of fudge, stir through and bake. They would be awesome warm with whipped cream.

Note to self: Work on my photography skills. Big time!
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Vicky said...

I would have just eaten the fudge LOL