Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Long Weekend Away

We are drawing to the close of a loooooong six week school holiday break and decided to get away for a bit. We had the Australia Day long weekend coming up so we tacked on an extra day and took off for Apollo Bay. For those who may not know the area, it is probably about mid-way along the Great Ocean Rd in Victoria, a gorgeous stretch of winding coastline.

The weather wasn't great for summer - about 19 or 20 degrees celcius - so we didn't get to enjoy the ocean much. It was still sunny and pleasant for the most part though and the area is full of gorgeous lookouts, walks, waterfalls etc so we had plenty to do.
Saturday saw us explore Marengo Bay which is a good area for snorkeling but it wasn't to be this time. We also took in a few lookouts and some time by the motel's pool and spa.
Sunday we drove out to Maits Rest rainforest boardwalk and a few other walks and lookouts.
Monday we took in a few spots in the Otway National Park as well as the Otway fly - a treetop walk 25 metres above the ground with a spiral staircase a further 22 metres up. We had planned on seeing the glow worms back at Maits Rest but got washed out. Oh well, a good excuse to get ice-cream, go back to the motel and catch up on our "Survivor" viewing.
Tuesday we took our time coming home along the Great Ocean Rd, stopping wherever we felt like. I hope you enjoy the pics, if you get a chance to explore this area it's well worth it!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures...sure makes me want to come and visit...

Vicky said...

I Hope to be heading that way in July. I have never been before only to Melbourne.