Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anyone having a baby?

I have another finish to show - a pink baby bib. Why, you might ask? Good question! I was sick of stitching things that just sat there once done. In my warped mind, it seemed like a good idea to stitch something with more of a purpose, even though it too will sit here gathering dust. Yep, I know. I am insane! In a good, zany way, not in a put-me-in-a-padded-cell kind of way ;-)

  • Name of the design - well it doesn't really have one I don't think.
  • Chart is a design from UK Magazine Cross Stitch Crazy, at least the cupcake is. I simplified it a little and then added the words myself. 
  • Fabric is a pre-finished bib from my stash. (When did I ever want a pink bib?)
  • Thread is DMC cotton.
  • Stitch count is 31 x 40 for the cupcake only 
  • Started on September 6th 2011.
  • Completed on September 24th 2011.  

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