Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blogoversary prize pics - year long and January

Both Carissa and Kat have received their prizes so I can show you pics of them. This is what I sent the year long winner, Carissa:
There's a free chart I picked up at Spotlight, 2 tri-fold cards, 2 skiens of hand dyed thread and a doily bag thingy.

Here's the prize I sent the January winner Kat:
There's another free chart, some lemon fabric, a hand dyed green/blue and yellow thread, a thread holder and a booklet of motifs.

I hope you liked them ladies. Joanie R - I wasn't able to find a way through your blogs to contact you. Please get in touch or else I'll have to do another re-draw.
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Kay Eyles said...

Lucky girls! It really is kind of you to share. We all love stash.