Monday, July 4, 2011

A Whinge & a W(h)ine about Tiger

The airway that is, not the animal. Although riding a real life tiger to Queensland sounds almost more appealing right about now. For those that don't know, Tiger Airways have been grounded for at least a week by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) due to a couple of safety breaches. There's talk of them never recovering (their domestic flights have run at a loss since they started up here in Australia), and the bans lasting longer than the week. I even read in the newspaper that their CEO sold his shares in the company last week. A sign of little faith?

Anyway, I am therefore in limbo. Thankfully our flights aren't for a few weeks, but still, I kind of like the thought of everything being set in stone and that my life wouldn't hang in the balance for a karate tournament. I don't even want to fly with them anymore, but short of writing off several hundred dollars of tickets, or praying they cancel the flights with a full refund (which they are currently doing for those "flying" this week), then I don't have a lot of choice. Let's just hope they don't declare bankruptcy before then, or I won't see a single cent of the money we paid them.

Even after I bought the tickets, I said never again to flying with Tiger. Now this.

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Vicky said...

fingers crossed they either start flying again or you get a full refund!