Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Colour Exchange

Recently I participated in a colour exchange that was organised by a message board member at 123 stitch. My partner was Amy in the U.S.A and her favourite colour is blue. Mine, of course, was pink! Here's what I sent to Amy:

* A patterned piece of fabric
* A magnetic snow globe that you add your own photo to
* A notebook
* A candle
* A packet of beads
* A pair of buttons
* A body sponge
* Do-it-yourself earing kit
* An insulated bottle cover

Here's what Amy sent to me:

* A polka dot photo frame
* A cupcake photo frame
* A couple of stamps 
* An ink pad
* Cupcake holder
* 10 skeins of thread
* Printed ribbon
* A cross stitch chart
and all the items came in a pretty box :-)

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1 comment:

Vicky said...

I was in that exchange too, it was fun :)