Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All quiet on the western front

I haven't posted in what seems like ages, as there hasn't been too much to report. I finally finished off the piece for the Easter/Spring Exchange and mailed it off. Eileen has also mailed her item to me, so I'll be able to post what I sent and what I got soon enough.
I'm still working on the "Lacey Pinks" design, slowly but surely making progress. It seems I've only been stitching at karate class lately, so it's taking a while to finish even though I'm close to the end. Not sure what will be next, I have a few ideas but nothing is jumping out at me.
My eldest son has started debating again for the year, as an extra curricular activity through school. Last night was the 2nd one for the year and his team got their first ever win! I think there's either 3 or 4 more debates, one every fortnight during school terms. Fingers crossed they can get a few more wins on the board.
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