Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Flooding

As you will probably know, huge parts of Queensland are flooding, including the downtown CBD of Brisbane. It's hard to comprehend the area affected, apparently it's the size of France and Germany combined. You will see just how bad the flooding is in the picture at the top of my blog. Some homes just have their roofs above ground, can you imagine?

The pink Queensland auction image above will take you to a blog where there will shortly be a list of auctions you can participate in, mainly for handcrafted items I believe. I have signed up to host an auction or two (haven't quite decided what yet). I believe the auctions will start no later than Monday the 17th of January and are open for a week. Don't quote me, but I think you will just nominate a dollar amount in the comments box of the blog post, along with an email address to be contacted on. If you are the winner at the end, the blog owner will contact you and organise payment. Check out Toni's blog for more info.

The flood water image will take you to the Queensland government website with all the info you need to donate money, if you feel you'd like to. There's also info on there for the international people who might want to help out.
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Vicky said...

Thanks for posting about this wonderful idea :)

Kim said...

You're welcome Vicky, it's a great cause.