Thursday, October 28, 2010

OMG!! I'm such a loser!!

It's time for glasses. Or maybe some sleep. Or maybe some sleep with glasses! I  haven't slept well the last few nights, dreaming about all sorts of horrible things. Last night I slept fitfully again, as I ended up sleeping with my younger son who's feeling sick. Anyway, back on topic: loserdom. As you know, I have been cross stitching away on the coat of arms design. I haven't been quite sure what the greyish "thing" is at the top. I'm so thankful I didn't voice my opinion online of what it was, as the whole entire world would be laughing their butts off at me right now. As someone with glasses (and probably enough sleep) pointed out, it is indeed a metal knight's helmet. Of course it is, duh! What else could it possibly be?

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Bronwyn said...

Not a loser but living and learning every day

Pauline said...

LOL- I thought is was part of the chest armour- I'm kinda having trouble seeing the helmet there myself!

Chars said...

**GIGGLES** I couldn't see it either hahaha