Monday, October 25, 2010

Master Chef and Shopping Tour follow-up - and my WIP

Well, DS didn't make it through to the school Master Chef finals. There were about 30-40 dishes presented by the kids, and around 10 made it through to the finals. The cook-off was last week and some sort of chocolate dipped strawberries, or chocolate mousse with strawberries won. He was disappointed, but had fun making (and eating) his goodies, and it was great to see him taking so much care making & presenting them. Not to mention the fun and excitement he had presenting his dish at school and the anticipation of perhaps making it through. All in all, lots of fun and a good life lesson.

Well the shopping tour got off to a good start. I dreamt I was late and missed the bus, which was a little bit true as I was the last one to rock up and get on. Oops! I didn't spend too much but did get some bits and pieces, including some Christmas gifts which I won't mention on here :-) I got myself a New Balance windcheater and a black sequined dressy top, as well as a pink and grey Converse sports bag. They were all $20 each. I spent less than average, and the bus of about 39 people spent around $9,500. On the way home the bus did have to pull over on the freeway as there was a red light on the dashboard and a strange noise coming from "somewhere". We limped off the freeway and waited about 20 minutes for a back up bus to come and get us, which was pretty quick I thought. If we were going to break down anywhere/anytime, that was the place to do it. Imagine the chaos of breaking down during the day in Smith St Collingwood or Bridge Rd Richmond with a bus full of ladies itching to get to all the shopping outlets! Perish the thought!

Here's my latest pic on my WIP. I've done a bit more of the black outline but it didn't fit in the scanner. I'll also add a pic of what it will look like finished. Feel free to enlighten me as to what the thing at the top is.
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kim said...

Love your stitchy blog, found you following a link from "Char's Crafty Days".........going for another little peek through your archives.
florrie x

Bronwyn said...

Hi Kim
If you go to this site and look under helm and helmut it explains the top part of the heraldic crest
Looking forward to seeing your finished project.