Friday, October 15, 2010

Masterchef - and a shopping tour!

 Well, DS didn't get through to the final cook-off of Junior Master Chef at school. He was disappointed, especially as he didn't approve of one dish that made it through, LOL. Anyway, he had fun making the food, enjoyed the excitement of the contest and had some yummy things to eat. He also learnt that you don't always win, even when you put in 100% effort, good lesson there!

Tomorrow I am off on an epic shopping tour, about 12 hours in length. It's a fundraiser for karate, and I'm sure we'll all spend up big. I don't remember where we are going, so it will be a pleasant surprise. I have a few bits and pieces on my list, and of course Christmas is coming up so I'll keep my eye out for gifts. It's just too bad the weather is going to be cold and wet, the umbrella will get a good workout!

Oh, and I think I spoke too soon about Spring.....oops! The weather has been cold and WET lately, I think it probably rained for about 15 hours straight this time around. The ground is super soggy and the sky is grey. I think I'll keep my mouth shut next time :-)

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