Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My first finish for 2014

This one took far less time than I was expecting as it's a large project - well, to my anyway. I started this one in late 2013 and finished in early 2014. It's not a great pic, but here it is:

  • Name of the design is "Happy Snowman" although I made a few small changes and left some parts out
  • Chart is a design by AAN
  • Fabric is 28 count snowflake patterned opalescent evenweave from Sew-It-All in Australia
  • Thread is DMC #807 for the main cross stitch and #3765 for the back stitched areas
  • Stitch count is 157 x 191
  • Started on December 28th 2013
  • Completed on January 7th 2014

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Mini Addictions said...

Love this first finish! Congrats on completing it.
Any sign of Kay?

sharine said...

Great finish:)

Vicky said...

congrats, it is cute in a freaky clownish sort of way LOL