Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hand towel is finished

Here's what I've been working on when I've had time over the last week. Again it was a quickie as it was just a repeat pattern. I did make a mistake but I'm not frogging it as I just can't be bothered and I don't think it's all that noticable. Do you?

  • Name of the design is well, I don't read what I think is Polish, but it may be "motyw" ?? I did cut some of the pattern off the top to fit the stitching area
  • Chart is yet another freebie, this time from cross stitch patterns 
  • Fabric is a sage green pre-finished hand towel
  • Thread is DMC variegated cotton, #4030. It has shades of blue, green and mauve throughout
  • Stitch count is 30 x however long the hand towel is. No, I'm not going to count out the threads! :-)
  • Started on April 26th 2013
  • Completed on May 3rd 2013
Next up will either be my own choice of Christmas design for the "Christmas all year long" SAL, the May "freebie challenge" design over at 123stitch, or another hand towel. I think I'm going to make a hand towel for all the state team managers at karate who give up so much time to make sure things run smoothly each week.
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Unknown said...

Lovely finish...and no mistake to be seen! I really like those new variations threads...

Kay Eyles said...

I really don't see your mistake. I sometimes wonder if mistakes I make are glaringly obvious to others or if only I notice them. I also never completely follow a pattern, I have to add or subtract something, or maybe change a colour or two. I can't bear the idea that my sewing is identical to anyone elses. So a little mistake just means that mine is different. Love the choice of thread too.

Carissa said...

Wow, that's really pretty!