Thursday, May 30, 2013

An injury, state team selections and a finish!

How's that for a mix of stuff? First off DS #2 injured his right wrist at school. Yes, he is right handed. Yes, it was yet another lunchtime football related injury. After a visit to the emergency department and an x-ray it was determined it MAY be fractured. It was bandaged with a piece of plaster inside and a sling put on it and we were to go back to our doctor 5 days later. We did so, where he said to keep it as is until Friday, which is tomorrow. He can move it a lot more now but it is still tender and rotating it hurts still.

In the midst of all this - 3 days after the injury to be exact - were state team selections for karate. Thankfully it was for kata and not the fighting aspect as he would not have had a chance of competing. DS was keen to perform one armed, so that's what he did and not only did he make the team, he is ranked at #3 which is the best he could get! The state championships were held 3 months ago and the 2 finalists from that were automatically ranked at #1 & #2. DS came 3rd at that tournament, after a very strong boy beat him for the first time to make the final over him. So we are off to Hobart in August for nationals. Brrrrrr.....

I've also got another hand towel finish to show:

  • Name of the design is Nordic "Blue" Towel
  • Chart is a free design from "Cross Stitch and Needlework" magazine
  • Fabric is a black pre-finished hand towel
  • Thread is DMC variegated cotton #57
  • Stitch Count is 31 by however long the towel is
  • Started on May 11th 2013
  • Completed on May 29th 2013 with lots of stitching free days in between

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sharine said...

Your poor boys:( Pretty finish.

Vicky said...

Just wondering if you have a parking bay reserved at the hospital LOL

Well done on DS making the team, but Tassie in August brrrrr

Unknown said...

Love the towel...yes, boys, sports and injuries seem to go hand-in-hand, huh? Congrats to him, though...

Kay Eyles said...

Injuries are such a problem with sport, it felt as if I frequented the hospital with one of my daughters. Hope all is o.k. now. The towel design is pretty, I love to see work done with variegated thread.