Thursday, January 31, 2013

Patchwork is finished

No Wednesday WIP today - I have a finish instead! I'm not sure whether I'll leave my details on there or frog it yet. Opinions?

  • Name of the design is "Patchwork"
  • Chart is another freebie from Elizabeth Almond and can be found here
  • Fabric is 28 count evenweave in a mottled blue and white opalescent. It may have come from Sew-it-all
  • Thread is DMC satin thread in two shades of blue as well as black DMC cotton
  • Stitch count is 57 x 57 - yes it is a square, not sure why it doesn't look it
  • Started on January 20th 2013
  • Completed on January 30th 2013

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Kat said...

What's there to frog? It looks absolutely beautiful.

Rachel said...

I think it looks great as it is...

Panda said...

This is beautiful! I *love* the fabric choice and the colors you used. Hope you don't frog it!