Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Un-Birthday

It's a little premature, but Happy Birthday to my baby - he turns 11 next week. We have managed to pin down a time, date and place to get together with my family to celebrate and today is the day. It's never easy to do between everyone's school/work/activities/other commitments. My sister works weekends so that makes it extra hard.
Anyway, DS requested a caramel mud cake which I've made a few times before. However this time it didn't quite cook through all the way which thankfully I discovered as I cut it in half to sandwhich some whipped cream in the middle. So I scooped the soggy stuff out, added cream, then iced it in butter cream icing. Hopefully no-one can tell ;-)

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Kat said...

That looks and sounds delicious. Happy birthday to your son.

sharine said...

Yummy. Happy Birthday to your son!