Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Second Finish of 2013

"Let it Snow" is completed, and I've even started the final finishing of it. I can't post a pic though until I reveal it over at 123 stitch. I've now made a start of "Lilac Time", a quick freebie design by Elizabeth Almond. I started on a lilac opalescent evenweave but it was too soft and floppy to hold the stitches properly. I was in a rush to start so picked up a scrap of white aida I had and I'm using that. I haven't used aida for ages, it feels very stiff but I'm not using a frame - don't have any small enough - so it's easy enough to hold it in my hand.

Oh, and I bought this felt applique kit before Christmas because it looked cute, and maybe even do-able. Who wants to take bets on if/when I'll finish it?

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sharine said...

I keep eyeing those felt kits of. Will wait and see how you progress:)

Unknown said...

Those felt kits look like fun!

Countrywoman said...

congrats on the finish