Saturday, August 25, 2012

We went to Fiji!

How could I forget the most exciting news of all? We recently spent 5 days on Plantation Island in Fiji, with a night on the mainland either side. It was very relaxing as we didn't try and cram too much in which is often what we do on holidays. Sadly the food wasn't very nice and I even managed to LOSE weight while away! However the rest of the trip was great. We swam, snorkelled (off shore and on a couple of boat trips), kayaked, took a banana boat ride, lay in hammocks, had a massage, got my hair braided, took an island hopping tour and visited an island village.

Lookout at Mana Island
View from our room
Sunset on Plantation Island
Plantation Island
Fish off the pier at Plantation Island
Our room
Cocktails by the pool
The new extreme sport of hammocking
Perfection on Turtle Island

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