Thursday, November 25, 2010

Please pass the bubble wrap!

And the calamine lotion and anti-histamines! So it's not quite December but the fun has started!

On the way home from school yesterday, DS broke out in another one of the rashes he is prone to. It's usually just a mild-ish allergic reaction to something plant based from what we can gather. It mainly appears on his arms and legs, just red with small, circular, raised, itchy bumps. Not yesterday!

We'd been in the car for an hour when his brother looked at his face and saw that is was beet red with large welts all over it. Thankfully no swelling, but I turned the car around and we headed for the doctor. We ended up waiting half an hour to see him, and by that time he had returned to normal. Of course! The rash had come up in no more than 20 minutes, when we'd only been in the car for the last hour, with windows up and vents closed. We did stop at the drive-thru of Golden Arches for a burger, but it's a burger he has eaten several times before. Unfortunately there's no preventative medicine to give him, so we have to just wait and treat it should it come up again. We can start the allergy testing process, but I fear there's not much that can be done if it's a common plant he's allergic to.
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*-* said...

I understand about the allergy Kim.
Our DD#2, had a violent reaction to a tree or, plant. Her face would swell and her eyes would close with just the end of her eyelashes visible. It was very frightening and sometimes lasted for several days. Thankfully, she has outgrown it