Monday, November 22, 2010

It's nearly December - so where's the bubble wrap?

Ok, so I've nicknamed December "bubble-wrap-tember". There's a running joke that if it's December, it's time to wrap my 8 YO son in bubble wrap, and quarantine him for his own safety.  Here's why:

  • Christmas 2002: Thankfully uneventful. 
  • Christmas 2003: Ditto
  • Christmas 2004: Ditto
  • Christmas 2005: His brother picked him up in a so-called harmless bear hug and put him down again. End result? Broken leg, with a lovely green cast (you know, it was Christmas after all. We had to co-ordinate with the colours of the season!)
  • Christmas 2006: As a parting gift, before all the kids separated and went to different schools, another child from kinder gave him chicken pox. Merry Christmas to you too!
  • Christmas 2007: Thankfully nothing too extreme this time. He'd been sick in the lead up to Christmas, and lost his voice for the big day. Could have been worse. Could have been Christmas 2008!
  • Christmas 2008: While decorating the tree, he tripped and cut just above his eye on the rounded edge of the coffee table. (yes, we planned for accident prone children when buying furniture - didn't help!) Of course, he waited for the 3.4 seconds I was out of the room before doing it, so I couldn't cushion the fall. Thankfully glue worked with no need for stitches. And yes, we have broached the subject of frequent flyer miles, fly buys points or some sort of VIP service at the local hospital. 
  • Christmas 2009: Broke his arm after falling backwards off a 4-5 foot fence while attempting to get a stray ball. Fetching blue cast this time, because green casts are soooo 2005. And yes, we are on a first name basis at the local hospital. I keep expecting a knock on the door from Child Protective Services too.
  • Christmas 2010: All donations of bubble wrap are gratefully accepted! Cross your fingers for us, that this year we break the curse and the bubble wrap isn't needed!

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Chars said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha :) Your tale is so familar though I do think it is just boys will be boys. At one stage with my firstborn son I was on first name terms with all of Port Macquarie base hospital because my son would not stay off his skateboard and broke his arm at least 15 times in a ROW!!! Before the doctor said if he done it again they would refuse treatment so we placed the skateboard in the bin to remove temptation!!!