Thursday, September 16, 2010

We have a winner!

And it's Barb! Congrats. Now to figure out how to contact her...:-)
She guessed a sad 10 pairs. For those sitting on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear about said shoes, here's my pathetic shoe collection:
  • A short pair of black boots
  • A long pair of black boots
  • A short pair of camel boots (that's the colour not the animal :-)
  • A pair of runners (they get a good workout. Sadly, not for running. Or any exercise at all)
  • The obligatory pair of classic black heels (thankfully they are a classic style because I've had them for years and hardly wear them. They get dragged out those rare occasions a fancy pair of shoes are required)
  • A pair of black flats
  • A pair of black thongs (that's flip flops for the Americans. Get your minds out of the gutter :-)
  • A pair of beaded brown thongs
  • A pair of orange beaded thongs
  • A pair of multi coloured strappy sandals (they look better than they sound. Truly)
So there you have it, my massive shoe collection. Thanks for playing!
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1 comment:

crazybeads said...

Me the winner oh my what excitement

Sounds like your shoe department is much like mine Kim...

crazybeads 2002 AT

Thanks for the contest..