Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 100th Post!!! Oh, and a contest!!!

I’ve finally gotten together some bits and pieces for a prize. Here they are:
 3 x leaflets (“Simply Blackwork” by Anchor Design Studio, “Favorite Fingertips” by Leisure Arts & “Boughs of Holly” by Jeremiah Junction)
2 x threads (A silvery/grey Madeira silk thread  - 1803  L11 & a dull gold Madeira silk thread – 2012  L11)
Fabric (A sage green piece of 30 count linen 45 x 50cm)
Buttons (A topiary/fruit tree in a pot button & a cottage button)
Eye glasses case (A black pre-finished eyeglass case, ready to stitch.)

I was getting the bits and pieces together to take a photo, and in the time it took me to get the camera, Jazz decided to make himself comfortable:
Needless to say, if you are allergic to cats, it's best not to enter. :-) Anyway, after I shooed him away, I took a better pic of the prizes on offer:

Now the only thing missing is a question! I can never come up with anything exciting, but here's my best, totally random, effort:
How many pairs of shoes do I own?
Yes, boring, I know.
Just post your guess as a comment on this post, and make sure I can get in contact with you should you win. I'll ship anywhere in the world, and the items have been stored in my smoke free home, but as you can see we do have one cat. Oh and 3 sheep but they never come inside. Anymore ;-)
I will keep the contest open until I get a winner, however long that might take. Oh, and only one guess per person please.

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Anonymous said...

I believe you have 25 pairs of shoes. A girl can't have too many pairs!

christine whitmeyer

mbroider said...

Eleven Pairs!!

Kim Reid said...

My guess is 15 pairs :)
Thanks for the chance!
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My guess is 27

grousehouse at verizon dot net

dianecally said...

I believe you have 36 pr of shoes...........way more than me.


Carole said...

If you are like me, I will say 33!


Anonymous said...

I will guess 2 pairs of shoes does the fur kitty come with the prize please enter me thanks Donna

Anonymous said...

Going to guess 18 pairs.

Unknown said...

I think you have 50 pairs

Anonymous said...

hmm i'd say 14

Love the blog by the way


crazybeads said...

Thanks for the chance Kim

My guess is 8 pairs like me .

crazybeads 2002 AT


crazybeads said...

How about 10