Friday, September 24, 2010

My Latest Cross Stitch Project

It's (hopefully) going to be for my dad for Christmas or his birthday. It's a coat of arms design from Cross Stitch Heraldry. I'm stitching it on really horrible white evenweave which was a pre-packaged piece I bought from Spotlight when they had a sale. The threads seem very thin and the fabric very see-through and it's quite rough. I will probably regret not frogging it and using something different by the end. There's lots of large blocks of colour, so pretty good for zoning out on. Here's my progress so far, with a pic of what it will look like finished:

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crazybeads said...

Kim this is looking you have me interested...
I have looked at the site..

I shall email you .

Chars said...

Thanks for sharing the site Kim - I have bookemarked your blog now so that I can keep track on your pregress :)