Saturday, May 22, 2010

The world's fattest scarf is complete

OK, so estimation is not my strong point! I started out at about half this width, but to my eye it just didn't look big  enough so kept casting on, and on, and on until I *thought* it was fine. What do I know? As a result I now am the proud owner of the World's Fattest Scarf, might have to put a call into the Guinness Book of Records people. I'm toying with folding it in half and sewing it together but it might be too chunky. Chunky is in vogue right now, maybe I can be cutting edge and start a new super-ultra-chunky trend? I've now started another scarf in the same type of fringed wool, in a mixed black, burgandy and pink. Only this time it's about half the width, I'm not making that mistake again! If this one doesn't cut it as a scarf, it would work as a head rest/cushion protector for the couch! Matches perfectly! Here it is:

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