Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few different craft projects

Here's a progress pic of my scarf, as of April 20th when I had finished knitting 2 balls of wool. I'm currently finishing up my 3rd ball now. Unfortunately it's looking similar to my last effort at making a scarf, skinny, fat, fatter, skinny. LOL
On another note, it was recently my niece's 18th birthday and I wanted to come up with something special, or a keepsake type gift for her. Unfortunately I didn't dream up any brilliant ideas, but here's what I did make for her. The first pic is just a whole lot of bits and pieces for her car, which her dad bought for her. The container is a car rubbish bin that attaches to the back of the seat. I've included things like a car charger for her mobile phone, tissues, wipes, a steering wheel cover, jumper leads etc.
The second pic is a chocolate bouquet I tried my hand at. (It looked so much better in my head!) I used a cardboard gift box for the base, wrapped some red and white "happy birthday" ribbon around it and added floral foam to the box. I found some heart shaped chocolates wrapped in red foil, and also bought some lindt balls wrapped in red too. I cut out some flower shaped pieces of black cardboard and stuck the heart chocolates to them. For the lindt balls I used red cellophane and black tissue paper squares to make "petals" around the chocolate. I then attached wooden skewers to the chocolates and poked them into the base as well as the "18" thingy that I'd bought. Then I just tore up some red and white tissue paper and screwed it up to cover the foam base. Although this pic doesn't show it, I then wrapped the whole thing in clear cellophane and added some of the matching ribbon to it.
The third pic is of a balloon bouquet, once again not as pretty as in my head! I bought a black and white gift bag and added more floral foam to it. I put balloon sticks into the foam and added some 18th birthday balloons.

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BronnyB said...

Kim, sometimes the presentation is just as important as the gift. Lovely job.
I'll probably take up knitting at night in about a month's time - when I feel that it is really winter again.... Last year I knitted beanies for the streetkid charity. Will probably do the same again this year.