Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another karate tournament

.....and this time DS wasn't as successful. He performed well but the other competitors just performed better. He was unfortunate in that the age group was 8 and 9 years and he's just turned 8, and it was also orange striped belt and above and he's an orange striped belt too, so he was up against it. He lost out in kata in the first round but did better in kumite than I was expecting. He won the first round, and the second round it was nil all at the end of the round. They went into overtime and DS was one point up when the other boy got in a kick in the last few seconds bringing the score to 2-1 his way. It's all good experience for him and made him realise he does have to always work hard because you never know who's going to be better or stronger on the day.

Next up is the Victorian Championships, where he will also have strong competition with the best in the state competing. Fingers crossed!

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