Thursday, February 18, 2010

All quiet on the western front

*snort* Yeah, right! I wish :-)
Kids have gone back to school, after school activities have started back up and I've gone back to work. I'm not organised at the best of times so it's taken me to week 3 to kind of get a grip on things, LOL.
I'm now driving over 100km a day, just to get the kids to and from school now that DS #1 is at secondary school. He is settling in really well and seems to be enjoying it, for now anyway! The homework has just started so we'll see how he manages that. DS #2 is starting extra training for karate too, and tournaments are getting underway soon so that's more driving for me! He has his first one on the weekend and it's meant to be 35 degrees. Not ideal weather for sweating it out in long pants and long sleeved top in a basketball stadium that probably doesn't have air con.
Calisthenics has started back up for me too, and the numbers are disappointing this year. We are struggling to get enough ladies to even be able to compete, let alone compete without losing 5 points. Fingers crossed we get a few newbies to join.
Cross stitching has been pretty quiet, I'm still working on the Santa piece and have started a small design to keep in the car. I'll have to drag it out and post a WIP pic soon.
Oh, and who can forget the 2 days of massive flooding last week. Thankfully our home and land were OK, but in town there were branches down, and roads and footpaths underwater. Crazy summer weather!
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Annie Bee said...

Ohhh the joys of being a mother.....LOL