Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free Blackwork Chess Board Design

I designed this to stitch for my DS's school teacher to give him at the end of the year. I'm going to backstitch "property of X Y" around the outside to make it personal and I have the perfect sized black frame to mount it in, and some chess pieces. I couldn't find any black and white pieces so will paint some brown and bone ones, hopefully they work out OK. I also have some black and white checkered fabric that would make a great drawstring bag for the pieces, too bad I don't actually sew! I think I'll get started on this tonight if I have the right sized fabric.

Feel free to save a copy for yourself. Please, if you do, leave me a comment to let me know! It's no good offering freebies if no-one wants them, LOL. If you have any trouble saving it and getting it to print at a stitch-able size, just email me with "free chess board design" in the subject line, and I'll email you a copy. jakt70 at gmail dot com


Rowan said...

Thank you, Kim.

This will make a nice little gift for my SIL, but not until next year. I do believe he plays chess, but if not he can use it for checkers! It's a nice design.

Rowan said...

Hi, Kim, I should have added, I am in Canada, just in case you were wondering. My SIL lives in England.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Design, Thanks Kim.

Anonymous said...

perfect! I amde a parchesi board for my daughters family this year and this will be perfect for nect Christmas! Thanks!

grandma dee