Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 on 3 Karate Tournament

Posted better late than never! DS #2 had his club 3-on-3 team tournament at the end of October. He is 7 and was in the 6-7 year age group. There were 5 teams and his team won, yay!! From memory, (FYI - Mine is shocking!) I think his team got a bye in the first round and then won the next two to take first place. The points were accumulated each round, so every flag in kata or point in sparring helped his team to win. I'm pretty sure he won all his kata rounds, but maybe not his sparring. He is working on tactics with his sparring but sometimes he seems to forget that the name of the game is actually to score, LOL.
A few of the kids in the 8-9 year age group failed to show up so DS and his 2 team mates were asked to fill in, which he was rapt about. He held his own, winning his kata 3-0, losing his sparring, but coming out with more points than his opponent which was the aim. Unfortunately his team lost in the first round, but he got an encouragement medal for his efforts.
He also has another grading coming up soon and will be an orange striped belt. The grading after that he will have to spar all the rest of the kids, which will be funny to watch. Most of them going for their orange belt or higher are a bit older and much taller, he'll be lucky if he can reach their kneecaps! LOL

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