Thursday, May 28, 2009

My WIP Contest

OK, so I've decided to have a cross stitch contest. I'll post a pic of my current stitching project, and you need to guess the name of the cross stitch design/kit/leaflet/whatever. If you want to guess, please post your guess in the comment box, with your email address so I can contact you. Periodically, I'll either post an updated progress pic, or a clue about the design. The first to post the correct answer in the comment box will be declared the winner. The prize? $5 worth of stuff from my sale album. I'm hoping to add more stuff to the album soon. Sounds easy enough, right? Open to anyone, anywhere. Here's the first progress pic:

CLUE #1:

CLUE #2:

This design is from a leaflet, and it's available to buy from

On the sheep front, here's a pic of baa lamby at 2 weeks old. He has taken to nibbling at me and trying to climb up my legs.


Anonymous said...

I wil guess your WIP is Checkbook Keeper (Quaker Pocket Needfuls)
Primitive Traditions

Thanks Donna

Kim said...

Sorry, no luck Donna :-(

Anonymous said...

I tink it is Simply Red Christmas Ornaments from Imaginating. Is it the santa?


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typo "tink" and the extra word in the title - Simply Red Ornaments.


kanast said...

Yay, Alex, you got it!
I will email you tomorrow, I'm just online for a second right now.
Thanks for playing!