Friday, May 22, 2009

The lamb.....a week old

Well "Stamper" (I call him baa lamby) is now over a week old and growing strong. He still comes racing up at feed times, wagging his tail. Someone should really tell him he's too big for my lap now though. We have 2 of our other sheep in the backyard with him, but they keep much to themselves. I did see the little one go up and sniff one of them, then try to feed from her!
As I mentioned, I've not been cross stitching much lately. I've been disciplined and sewing sequins for calisthenics. I'm onto number 5 of 9 leotards. They actually work up quickly, the fiddliest bit is lining up the hooks and eyes and sewing them on the back. These are going to be aesthetics dresses, with matching green nylon ankle length skirts. We are going to be turning to the back of the stage, unclipping the flower, and clipping it onto a matching wristband, then turning back around to the front. 

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