Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas ornament exchange

It's been all quiet on the blogging front here. I have been busier than usual and things have had to be put on the back burner. I do have a few things to post about but I'll start with just one for now - the famous ornament exchange organised by "Elsue" I signed up for a while back on the 123stitch message board. My partner said she liked reindeer so I found what I thought was a cute one and adapted it a little to suit some frilly lacy stuff I wanted to use to finish it. In my mind I pictured a cute stuffed ornament but in reality that was too hard - I couldn't work out how to keep the frilly edging straight. I finally decided to finish it off as a flat ornament. I can't say I'm especially happy with the result but my partner Sharona seemed to like it. Here it is, with some wooden ornaments featuring reindeer and some tim tam biscuits I sent:

  • Name of the design is "Dancing reindeer"
  • Chart is a freebie from JB Cross Stitch. I changed the hat and bow tie to black and white (from red and white) to suit the frilly stuff
  • Fabric is an off cut of white evenweave fabric
  • Thread is the called for DMC threads
  • Stitch count is
  • Started in early October 2013
  • Completed in mid October 2013 some time
Here's the cute mouse Sharona sent to me:

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Mini Addictions said...

Great exchange. I love how you changed the polka dots on the hat to match the frillys.

Carissa said...

I think your ornie turned out adorable and how cute is that mousie!